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29 January 2006 - fixed dead links

24 August 2003

I was just reviewing my website when I discovered that I hadn't updated this page in quite a while, three years to be sure. So here goes....

In October 2000, I left private medicine and took a job at the University of Missouri - Kansas City Medical School (my alma mater) as an Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. This has been a good move for me and the past 3 years have been quite enjoyable. I guess if I can't be a graphic artist then academic physician will have to do.... sighhhhh.... Hah!

Recent publications include Abnormal Bleeding in Adolescents, co-authored with one of my partners (Jule Strickland MD) and published in Clinics in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and also published in Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America.

And here's my updated Curriculum Vitae

I recently designed a website for a friend of mine, I used Caligari iSpace for the whole site.

I started playing Uilleann Pipes 2 years ago, yes, they are bagpipes, no...they're not Scottish, they're Irish, and no, I don't wear a "skirt" when I play them.... yeesh..... Currently I am playing a half set with a Kirk Lynch chanter and drones by Davy Stephenson.

After Siggraph 2000 I did a brief 5 month stint with Caligari as the "Software Evangelist", however the combination with my change from private medicine to academic medicine all really got to be too much and I left Caligari's employ in December 2000. Caligari is a great company and I still think they make the best 3D animation software (anywhere).

28 July 2000

Siggraph 2000 in New Orleans has come and gone - the show was a big success and iSpace seemed to be a real showstopper. I've posted 5 pages of pix (sorry about the quality - I'm being lazy here), just take the links below.
Page one, Page two, Page three., Page four, Page five.

17 July 2000

The whole site with the exception of the Tips pages has been completely re-made in Caligari iSpace. Some of the older images were removed from the trueSpace gallery and the Bryce gallery was completely removed.

AnimaVitae? the soul of life? the animation of life? I dunno. I just thought the IV bottle was cool idea.

If you like the new look, let me know when you sign the guest book.

I will be at Siggraph in New Orleans from 24 July to 28 July 2000 demo'ing trueSpace and iSpace at the Caligari booth. Be sure to stop by, say "Hi", and pick up a free Caligari T-shirt.

Inside TS4

Keep an eye out for "Inside trueSpace4" New Riders, the definitive work on TS4 - and I'm not just saying that because I wrote the chapter on Lighting.

Texture CD

I supplied some textures for Tom Marlin's original CD-rom Seamless Textures You Can Really Use. Tom has become the texture guru for not only TS users but all the 3D community in general.

Who is AnimaVitae?

Well, if you really must know all the gory details, here's my Curriculum Vitae. If that's information overload for you, then here's a quick bio:

My name is actually Jeffrey Wall M.D. (contrary to popular belief, it's not Wally) and I'm an Obstetrician/Gynecologist living in the Kansas City area. My wife fails to understand my obsession with computer graphics...sigh... but she is patient, very patient with me.

I managed to get my hands on one of the first copies of Myst for the PC back in 1993 and was completely floored by the quality of the graphics. I was also a little bit jealous. It was all done on a Mac, what a drag, I owned a PC.

Then one day I came across an advert for this new program for the PC, it was called trueSpace. I downloaded the demo and the rest was history. TrueSpace immediately clicked with me, I fell into it and, it fit, like a nice old shoe, comfortable and roomy. Now my artistic muse could soar. But as with anything else, it takes practice. Like most people I started off with the usual - highly reflective spheres and primitives on a checkerboard plane. Yet as I learned and practiced I found my way diverging from the usual topics and into places and themes not usually touched by other 3D artists. I have tried to portray images of peace, quiet, solitude, whimsy, and religion as well as exploring the darker side of today's medical advances. Along the way, I've developed my own style, fairly dark and brooding, chiaroscuro with a bit of color. These images come from the inner recesses of my brain, but God only knows what synaptic connections led to their creation. I only hope that you can enjoy them.

Say, have you filled out my Guest Book yet?

Jeffrey Wall M.D.