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Last Updated 14 July, 2002

General Information

Dave Daye Reeds

Dave Daye - Grading Reed Hardness


Reed-Making for Uilleann Pipers - Larry and Eddie Climo

The following are available from NPU

“My Method” - Tim Britton

“The Piper’s Despair” - David Quinn

“The Uilleann Pipe Reedmaker's Guide - Dave Hegarty

Reed Making

Davy Stephenson

Patrick O’Hare

Dave Daye (Original page)

Dave Daye Chamber Style Reeds

Dave Daye Stabilized Reeds

Seth Gallagher

Evertjan 't Hart

Michael Dooley

Phillip Sexton

NPU Reedmaker’s Guide

Tom Kennedy


Reed Tuning/Adjustment

Charles Roberts - Chanter tuning

Charles Roberts - Drone tuning

Dave Daye tuning chart

Another Dave Daye tuning chart

UP Octave Trouble (Daye)

Seth Gallagher tuning chart (scroll down)

Oiling Reeds

Michael Dooley tuning section (scroll down)

The "McWick" UP Demand-Driven Reed Humidifier

Plastic Reeds

Make Chanter-Reeds for the Uilleann-Pipes from Yogurt Containers.

Casey Burns

Dennis Havlena

Dave Daye

Custom Reed Making Services

Allan Moller

Tom Kennedy


Where to Buy Reedmaking Supplies


Celtic Fire (scroll down)

Seth Gallagher (scroll down)

Tim Britton

Synthetic reed Materials/Reed Treatments


Legere Reeds

PEG - Spectrum Chemicals